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FOUR NEW MODELS! Larger Grilling Surface, More Features, Refined Design, & New Color Options

A VISION of Grilled Perfection
over 3000 years in the making

Our Kamado style will grill, smoke, or bake the perfect food for any and all of your meals.
The Vision Grills Kamado is truly something deliciously different.

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Vesta Innovation Award | Charcoal, Wood Smokers, & Barbecues


Vision Grills

When you fire up your Vision Grill, you’ll see that 3,000 years of ingenuity, paired with our modern touches, make grilling less complicated—and a lot more enjoyable.

Professional C Series - Vision Grills
Professional S Series - Vision Grills
Classic B Series - Vision Grills
Classic M Series - Vision Grills

Vision Grills

When you fire up your Vision Grill, you’ll see that 3000 years of ingenuity paired with our modern touches make grilling less complicated—and a lot more enjoyable. 

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Professional C Series - Vision GrillsProfessional S Series - Vision GrillsClassic B Series - Vision GrillsClassic M Series - Vision GrillsClassic P Series - Vision Grills

Vision Grills offers high-quality construction, rock-solid warranties, and U.S.-based customer service.

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Grill + Smoker + Oven = Kamado Grill

Since its humble beginnings 3,000 years ago, the circular clay-based kamado design has been refined through countless years of trial and error. Today, new features have been added, the venting design improved, and the brittle clay replaced with a superior ceramic. But the core design still remains — a welcome reminder that sometimes simple is truly better.

Yes, Vision Grills Kamados do come with innovative attributes, but we’re not talking about infrared heat scanners or space-age polymers that add more to your price tag than your grilling experience. Nope. Just a few common sense features, such as a removable ash drawer, electric starter port, and thick ceramic construction that ensure your grilling experience is equipped with everything you want, and none of the pointless extras you don’t.

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604 Square Inches of Smokey Flavor, Flare-Up Protection, and Fantastic Temperature Controls

A Vision of Perfection

This certainly isn’t the same old charcoal or gas grill. The Vision Grills Kamado is truly something deliciously different.
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