I am an avid griller and demand the absolute best in my barbecuing equipment.  Imagine my surprise when I came across the Vision Grill, Classic Kamado offering quality that rivals the competition and at less than half the price.  The versatility and temperature control of this grill is absolutely amazing and allows you to cover the entire gamut of outdoor cooking from slow-smoking brisket to searing steaks.  This purchase was a no brainer in terms of cost, quality product, and outstanding customer support – the best purchase I’ve made in years.

Chris, Tucson, AZ


I have had my Vision Grill Pro for just over a year now and couldn’t be happier.  I consistently amaze my friends and family with how quickly it gets fired up and HOT! This baby is used to smoke jerky, ribs as well as the regular THICK burgers and steaks.  One of the family favorites is pizza night, we all make our own pizza, throw the pizza pan on the grill and have custom wood fired pizza in 10 short minutes.  As I researched the competition for price, quality, and customer service, I found ONE company to impress me…that was Vision Grills!  This is a high quality and super company to work with!

D. Russell Huber, Powell, OH


I’ve been an avid student of the BBQ for the last 25 years going back and forth between charcoal and gas.  Living between Northern and Southern California, I have found that the weather is ideal for cooking year round even in the winter months.  Over the last 5 years, I’ve changed my cooking style to include various hardwoods as part of the grilling process, usually using Hickory, Mesquite, or Oak for enhanced flavor.  Prior to purchasing my Vision Grill 2 years ago, I was actively using my two Weber Kettle grills and sometimes my Weber Gas Grill.  Now, I exclusively use my Kamado Vision Grill when at all possible using my Kettles when BBQ’ing offsite at a park or using them as a backup grill when more grill space is needed when I host larger parties at my house.

What is amazing about the Kamado Grill is the ability to easily and accurately adjust the temperature using the top and bottom vents.  Temperature can be of course adjusted with my Kettles, but not nearly as accurately and not nearly as uniform.  I tend to use indirect heat either moving the coals to the center of the grill or to one side allowing the smoke from the charcoal and wood to maximally infuse into the meats.  As an example, I typically cook chicken thighs and Tri-Tip for 1.5 hours, Baby Back Ribs for 3 hours, and pork shoulder for 8 hours.  The heating uniformity is further stabilized by the inner ceramic insert and ceramic bottom and lid.  Because the temperature stays even, I have found that I can use very little charcoal when I slow cook meats plus when adding wood, the wood will smolder giving my meats a nice uniform smoke flavor.  I typically use the grill on average 3-5 times a month and I can proudly say that I have been able to take my BBQ’ing skills to the next level with my Kamado style grill.

I feel that I still have a lot more to learn better understanding the different combinations of rubs and sauces along with mixture of various woods for the ultimate flavor.  I am happy to say that my Vision Grill will be indispensable to my discovery and learning process.

Brendan Yee, Sunnyvale, CA